• Allison L. Sallee, PhD

Quarantine In The Know - Exercise

Exercise. This can draw up dread for a lot of folks. Don’t fear! We’ve got you covered. Read on for how to make exercise easier and why it’s important during these isolation times.

  • Start small. Think all you can possibly do is walk to the end of your street? Then do that. The idea is getting yourself to start no matter how small the step. The next time you do it, try to add one minute, 10 steps, etc. to your routine. Try doing this as many times each day as you can.

  • Do it different. Tired of doing the same thing? Experiment with something new. If you are a cardio person, try some online yoga or Pilates. Or vice versa: try a brisk walk or on online cardio program (think Jazzercise!).

  • Use resistance. Feeling resistant to the idea? Great! Think about using resistance bands or weights to help with muscles and bones. Remember to start small. This is about moving your body more than anything else.

  • Stretch yourself. Can’t possibly move yourself from your couch? Trying some simple stretches, like touching your toes. Do this as many times as you can think to.

  • Get social. Get a partner via video or a safe social distance and do something. You can do stretching or other workout moves with a partner via video. You can walk or run with a partner. You can do it at a safe social distance (i.e. 6 ft apart) too!

Let us know how get your cardio staying at home in the comments below. And tune in soon for the next Quarantine in the Know!


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