• Allison L. Sallee, PhD

Quarantine In The Know - Stay on Schedule

Stay on Schedule. We know. It’s hard. And how do you do it anyway when you don’t even really have one right now? Read on for how stay in the know.

Humans really are creatures of habit. Our bodies and brains respond to routines because they help us to organize ourselves to our environment. So, how to stay on a schedule when it feels like you don’t have one? Create one.

  • As much as possible, try to go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day. This really does make a difference for our mental health. Our bodies need rest and they like it when we are consistent.

  • Make a daily routine. This might start with a shower, breakfast, or exercise for example. Routines don’t have to be complex. They just have to exist. Each day doesn’t have to look exactly the same but having some regularity to each day helps our brains to organize by knowing what to expect.

  • Exercise. Yes. We know. Everyone says it. All the time. But it really does matter. Our bodies were built to be active. If you are struggling to add some daily exercise, start small. Exercise does not have to be grueling, unpleasant experience. Think more about moving your body…a walk, gardening, stretching. Try an experiment: Ask yourself how long you think you can do a physical activity, such as walking and then time yourself. Then rate it. Was it easier, harder, or about what you expected? Can you add one minute to it? Two, five?

Share your scheduling tips below, and look out soon for the next Quarantine In The Know!


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